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Aidan was raised in the miserable damp Irish climate for twenty-two years before leaving for California in 1989. He arrived just in time to experience a 7.1 earthquake.  Despite this shaky start, his photography went down hill from there. After several other serious setbacks including having to hold down a real job he joined a photographic cult in Berkeley to create visual concerts, which involve projecting humorous photographic images to the accompaniment of live music.  

About ten years ago Aidan was diagnosed as an incurable bore and has since dedicated his remaining days to photographing meaningless things around him. Despite the fact that both the Whitney and MoMA have shown absolutely no interest in his work, he still enjoys the general public laughing and snickering at his art.  

More recently while in humor rehab he teamed up with Tony Juliano to create such shows as the “3 Miserable Bastards”, “Tater Tot Farmers” and “The IRS Thinks we’re Dead”. His latest subversive plans to bring laughter into art galleries with the “Laughter Room Project” and his “Mug Shot Project”, has led to unwarranted phone taps and illegal email strip searches.  

For some reason or other he now finds himself living in Clinton, CT.  

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Clinton CT

Tel: 860-460-7750

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